Need some advice ++

By: bird2pc
5/17/2009 4:55 AM

I'm a thai student from work and travel programe in hhi, i've got some problem.

The police gave me a ticket about last month, in case, i drank in the public. That time i really didn't about the law, so i and 2 of my friend got ticket each. The police told us that, we have to go to the court on this coming Tuesday (May 19). Moreover, they told us that, we have to pay for that about $200 each(which's quite expensive for us).
I had ask my employer and my associate, they told us, just paid it ++.

Could someone told me what should i tell the court, Do i really have to pay $200 +_+ . Or if someone who experienced like this could advice me something.

thank you very much for all advice.

p.s. this is my first time to the court ++.

By: bird2pc
6/4/2009 3:07 AM

smiley its ok now