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By: Will
5/16/2009 5:51 PM

Hey Folks,

HiltonHeadLife has a spin-off site that started by listing rentals for HHL members. It's now open to everyone. If anyone would like to add their rental, I have a special discount code for HiltonHeadLife members.

[b:feacebc8e7]Discount Code: [color=red:feacebc8e7]HHI2009[/color:feacebc8e7][/b:feacebc8e7]

[b:feacebc8e7]Dicount Price: [color=red:feacebc8e7]$29.95 - 1 year[/color:feacebc8e7] (normally $99)[/b:feacebc8e7]

Website: [url]http://www.HiltonHeadHHI.com[/url]

You enter the discount code on the secure form where you enter your credit card to activate the listing. [b:feacebc8e7]Don't forget to enter the code when you check out![/b:feacebc8e7] Feel free to email or PM me if you have any questions about the site or the discount.