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By: gotohhi
5/4/2009 10:34 PM


I just got this update about Marshside Mama's on Daufuskie Island. This restaurant and bar is one of the most fun venues in the entire lowcountry.

I have had the most amazing Grilled Wahoo Provencale, swordfish, Fried Crispy Flounder, BBQ ribs and Shrimp/Spinach/Artichoke dip on the planet at Marshside Mama's!

The bands on Friday and Saturday night are simply outstanding. It's located on the back side of Daufuskie Island overlooking the intracoastal waterway with Savannah Ga in the distance.

Don't miss this new opportunity on your next trip to Hilton Head!

You can also join the "fans of Marshside Mama's" group on Facebook for lots of pictures and band updates.

Mama's motto is "No whining, just dance!"





Some free passes will be available from Beth the first week to help promote it. You always wanted to go to Mama's but couldn't get there....well now there is NO EXCUSE! Call Marsh Side Mama's for details. Come this Friday and Saturday to see BucketFoot! country, rock, reggae, hip hop and general crazy!

To get reservation call Beth at 843-785-4755[/color:cff7078e37]

By: Katrina
5/5/2009 12:54 AM

ohhh....looks like somewhere new to go (at least new to us!) I love trying new things!! :| It sounds much for the ferry? Any menus?? :P

By: gotohhi
5/5/2009 1:42 AM


Marshside Mamas?

hahahahahahahaha :ggrin: :ggrin:

MMs is built on a concrete slab - sort of like a Vietnam era quonset hut, there's no A/C, just box fans and ceiling fans, the doors and windows are always open (bring bug spray), the bathrooms are in a separate concrete building outside, there is an indoor bar and an outdoor bar, a bonfire pit, half the restaurant inside is taken up by a stage for the band and there's another big deck outside for the band when it's too hot to play inside. There are tables outside in the grass and under the trees.

Reservations are [b:1123317bab]required[/b:1123317bab]. Beth only has enough food for that night's guests and if you show up without a resv, you can drink but you probably won't get fed unless someone cancels.

The menu is a handwritten whiteboard every night. There is only one whiteboard for about 40 tables.

The waitperson takes the white board to the first table. They order. Then the next table and the next in the same order that you are seated. As the night progresses, items start dissappearing from the menu. If you eat late you get the least selections.

The kitchen is only big enough to cook one large table (8-10 people or so) at a time. Our group ordered 5 racks of ribs one night and they said "sorry, we can only fit four racks on the grill. One of you will have to choose something else".

This is an all-night dining and entertainment experience. Food comes out slow but it is well worth the wait. Every band I've seen there has been excellent. Not sure how she convinces such great talent to get on a boat and make the trip so far out in the "sticks". As people finish eating, the plastic tables and chairs are taken outside and the dance floor gets bigger and bigger... A lot of dancing takes place, mostly shag, it's S.C. so bare feet are the norm.

Fresh local fish and pasta dishes are prevalent. My wife loves the gumbo. I've had the BBQ ribs many times. The ribs come with the best smashed potatoes on the planet. If Wahoo or Swordfish are on the menu, don't even look at the rest of the selections. Either of these will likely be the best meal you've ever had.

There is no childrens menu but kids run around and have a good time. I believe they can get a hot dog, but my kids usually just order whatever alfredo pasta dish is on tonight's menu.

The shrimp/artichoke dip is to-die-for. Order it immediately while you are being seated. It comes out in a hot crock with tortilla chips and is like eating thick cheese fondue. It will help tide you over until your food comes out in an hour or so.

"No Whining" is very strictly enforced here. We've heard tales of people complaining that something wasn't quite right and they were told to LEAVE. Seriously. Don't be picky. Eat what MM puts on your plate.

Or you may have to go wait in your golf cart while everyone else finishes their meal.


I have no clue what the ferry price will be. This was just announced a few hours ago and is likely to change as they fine-tune the offering. The next [url][/url] magazine should have some details.

Be sure to make reservations at least 24hrs in advance. A couple of days early would be even better. Beth has to go over to the mainland to buy food for each night using her own boat. I'm sure she needs as much time as possible to plan ahead.

If you're going to have a "true authentic", memorable evening.

(apologies to Bagger Vance)


By: Katrina
5/5/2009 1:48 AM

This sounds amazing to us! These are usually the best experiences. We are definitely going to try and make it out when we are there in July. Thanks for the info!! I can't wait! :BN:

By: Jenn - NY
5/6/2009 8:03 PM

Is this something that will continue throughout the summer or is it just temporary? We will be there the last week in July - not really a good time to be outside unless you're in the pool, but this sounds so awesome!

By: gotohhi
5/7/2009 1:38 AM

I guess it all depends on whether it makes money, or not. I suspect it will run at least through Labor Day weekend and possibly year round.

My feeling is that the reservation list will be months in advance "in season"!

I'd suggest you go ahead and make a reservation for the Friday night of the last week in July now. You can always cancel if something comes up.

I wish I could see Beth's face when she gets a ferry reservation 3 months in advance!


You'll want to call and re-confirm as soon as you arrive just to make sure one of her dogs didn't run off with the reservation list.

Unfortunately, "Ned the Pig" passed away a couple of years ago. Read about Beth's pet Potbelly Pig at:


He used to run free through the restaurant begging for a beer.


By: IsleBeBack
5/16/2009 12:34 PM

[b:307644610f]Marshside Mama's[/b:307644610f]

"Don't Whine, Just Dance" is the motto here. There's food, wine, a jukebox with a big blue-and-green crab on it and, out the window, the New River. In the distance you can see the port of Savannah and the Talmadge Bridge, but for now, you're on Daufuskie Island.

[i:307644610f]"It's like Madison Avenue meets the Third World,"[/i:307644610f] observed Bo Bryan, a Daufuskie resident and an author ("Shag: The Legend"). But the island's old timers and new resorters groove together well at Marshside Mama's. "At times, it's [i:307644610f]sort of a transcendent rock 'n' roll experience to have the jukebox on and your shoes off and start dancing. We have millionaires and paupers dancing together." [/i:307644610f]

That's just what we saw one hot Friday night. At 9:05, somebody punched in "Susie Q" on the jukebox, and the party began.

The gumbo on the menu is famous for two things: It's always spicy (my lips actually sizzled) and it's never the same. Chef/owner Beth Shipman had mixed up golden sea bass, chicken, sausage, crab, clams, and shrimp -- "kitchen sink gumbo," she called it. Maybe most noticeable is the unmushy, bright-green okra, always added last.

Shipman keeps her menu simple and relies on local fishermen and divers to bring her their best catch. Cobia and tuna sometimes appear; shrimp and ribs are a constant. Nothing is fried, except pan-fried catfish (on this evening, served with grits, white beans, and andouille sausage).

Appetizers included gazpacho with shrimp, Caribbean-style jerk barbecue wings, and Ethel Mae's "Devil" Crab.

Among the entrees: barbecue baby back ribs, grilled tuna with mango salsa and grilled center-cut pork chops.

Daufuskie Seafood Boil includes snow crab, shrimp, sausage and corn. Our foursome ordered Beth's famous shrimp and grits, family-style. Like the gumbo, it's never the same. This time, scallops and artichoke hearts were added, all served with salad.

[i:307644610f]"Tastefully tacky" is how someone described the d├ęcor. Pink flamingos, colored lights and plastic picnic furniture help relieve any feelings of starchiness.[/i:307644610f]

Have a Heineken -- or, as Bo Bryan puts it, "red wine of some description" in a plastic cup -- and let it out. Everybody else is.

[u:307644610f]This and other lowcountry favorite restaurants described in this Raleigh, NC newspaper article:[/u:307644610f]